OnePlus Fitness Band with SpO2 Sensor – Features, Price in India

OnePlus Fitness band review

OnePlus recently announced that it will launch its OnePlus Fitness Band in India on January 11. This will be the company’s debutant wearable device in the competitor’s market. The major highlight of this band is its SPO2 sensor to monitor blood oxygen saturation levels. This band is all set to challenge high-end fitness trackers from established brands like Fitbit, Xiaomi, and more. 

OnePlus is well known for its smartphones, but it has been waiting to enter the wearable market for a long. This year, the company will launch its fitness band. Just like other bands, the OnePlus Band will support multiple features including a sleek design, water-resistant, and durable battery life. It will be available as an affordable solution for customers looking for fitness bands for movement and health tracking than entertaining apps.

Are you excited to learn more about the OnePlus Band? If yes, go ahead.

We’ve done some research work and collected useful information to know more about this upcoming fitness tracker, it’s specifications, design, Pricing. Hope it will help consumers get some idea of the product.

Design and Size

OnePlus Band will have a capsule-shaped main body with a replaceable silicone strap. When uncovered from the box, the band will come with a black strap, but other colors like orange, blue, and grey are also available.

A High-resolution OLED touchscreen with a logo on the bottom bezel will impress you at the first instance. The continuous heart-rate monitor and a SpO2 sensor for blood oxygen saturation levels are provided at the back. The product is IP-rated that certifies it as a dust and water-resistant band, so you can wear it in rain or while doing sweaty workouts.

The overall size of this band is 40.4×17.6×11.45mm and weighs 10.3 grams (tracker only) so it can be said that is very light in weight and doesn’t cause any fatigue to the person wearing it. 

Specifications and Features

The overall specifications of this OnePlus band have been embedded to add comfort and a healthy lifestyle to the wearer. To know more about the Specification, check the list below:


According to the latest reports, the OnePlus Band will be unveiled with a 1.1-inch AMOLED touch display.

Amazing product for fitness enthusiasts

The all-new OnePlus Band can track 13 different exercise modes like running, cycling, hiking, cricket, swimming, badminton, yoga, and many more. The standard model has step tracking and sleep tracking. It will also support media playback on your phone. The battery life is expected to be 14 days, which is quite good as compared to its rivals in the market.

Battery Life

Its 100mAh battery lasts up to 14 days so you don’t need to charge its battery again and again. 

Water-resistant band

It is also said that the OnePlus Band is waterproof and can withstand water resistance up to 50 meters

Other features

  • Heart rate monitoring 24×7,
  • SpO2 blood oxygen saturation level monitoring,
  • 3-axis accelerometer,
  • Bluetooth 5.0,
  • Gyroscope,
  • IP68-certification, and
  • A plethora of exercise modes. 

Smartwatches and Fitness trackers gained momentum in 2020 as people became more serious about their health. The company may launch its OnePlus 9 series by the end of March and it is rumored that the OnePlus Watch may share the same stage at the launch event. 

OnePlus Fintness band will have to face tough competition, though. There is no doubt that so many fitness trackers are readily available in the market for a cheap price. They are claimed to support more features than their pricier competitors. Still, fans are eagerly waiting to invest in a wearable device that is compatible with their OnePlus smartphones, so we can say that the OnePlus Band will be one of the best fitness trackers that smartphone owners have been already waiting for. 

Why should you invest in this OnePlus Fitness Band?

The USP of this band is its SpO2 monitoring to check blood oxygen saturation level. This feature gained popularity, especially during the ongoing Coronavirus pandemic. The reason is, a drop in blood oxygen level can suggest that the patient’s situation is declining and a doctor’s intervention is needed. A fitness tracker with an SPO2 monitor can be very helpful in serious conditions.


The OnePlus Band, as shared by the sources may be available with a price tag of Rs.2,499 on January 11.


OnePlus Band is one of the finest fitness bands introduced specially for sports-oriented buyers with extended battery life. If you are one of those who want to stay fit and keep your body on track, buy this band today!

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